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Yukio Okumura

Gunslinger, Exorcist

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Yukio is seen as quiet and calm, scholarly and reserved. He's thoughtful, kind-hearted and always thinks about the consequences of his actions before engaging, unlike his reckless brother. Exceptionally intelligent, Yukio is a straight-arrow student and exorcist. He is polite and courteous, but doesn't hold his tongue for the sake of being amiable. He's the first one to point out a mistake and can sometimes be rather blunt about it, when necessary.

Because he began training to become an exorcist at such a young age, he takes on a very serious demeanor when it comes to anything that has to do with his duty as an exorcist, studying or training. He doesn't reveal his thoughts or true feelings easily and prefers to keep most people at a professional arm's length at most times. Yukio also manages to be cunning, having lived a double life for eight years with some being none the wiser.

Despite taking things seriously, he knows a joke when he hears one and allows himself to relax every once in awhile.
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